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Wenatchee, WA


In August of 2006, my family and a group of friends took a trip up the Oregon coast. I had been looking into getting a dSLR, but didn't know if I wanted to go with Canon or Nikon. On that trip, my sister had a Canon Rebel Xti and she let me use it for the day that we went through the Redwoods. Until then, the only camera I had used was a point and shot. After using my sister's camera, I decided to go with that Canon. One of the main reasons for choosing Canon was that we live in the same town, so we could share the lenses that we would get in the future.

After taking it on a couple of different trips, I started looking around on the web for some ideas on what kind of photography I wanted to try. I came across a style known as HDR (High Dynamic Range). The amount of color that was in theses photographs was amazing! I started to look into it further to see how it was done, and if I would be able to do it with my camera and a stock lens.

I came across a site called Stuckincustoms that had this really easy to follow tutorial on how to get started, and the images on his site where outstanding! So, I started taking a few shots to see if it was something that I wanted to pursue. It took some time, but after a few months I was starting to get some pictures that I was really pleased with. I continue to work on it and try new techniques to improve my style of photography.

You can see more of my work on my website.


1870 LaFrance by Brad Granger


Cedar Creek Grist Mill by Brad Granger


Ohme Gardens by Brad Granger


Resting by Brad Granger


White Lily by Brad Granger


Tranquility by Brad Granger


Marina at Sunset by Brad Granger


Indian Beach by Brad Granger


Painted Blue House by Brad Granger


Deception Creek by Brad Granger


Flaming Parrot by Brad Granger


Macro Orchid by Brad Granger


Sunset at Port Gardner by Brad Granger


Haystacks at Sunset by Brad Granger